How To Create A Professional Button Badge

Published: 17th May 2011
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Button badges have become a style statement among the Gen-X teenagers and adults alike, they are also seen as a collectable item. To make a professional button badge the first thing that one requires is a specific badge-making machine. The machine assembles and presses different parts of the badge together. The second decision to make is regarding the size of the badge. The size of a badge can vary any where between 25mm to 120mm; the 1 ones are the most popular amongst the lot and have a metal or safety pin at the back.

The design of the badge can be considered as the major challenges while creating a button badge. The design can be made, by hand or by using graphic editing software like Adobe Photoshop etc. In order to design a badge, first of all a template of the design should be created for which three different size circles needs to be drawn within each other. The size of each of those three circles depends on the size of the button that is to be made. The innermost circle becomes the face or image area of the badge, where the design of the badge is made. The text or artwork should be inserted in the inner circle and should not be extended outside of the image area circle. Once the artwork has been centered within the image area circle, the image area circle needs to be deleted; otherwise it tends to become a part of the design and would be shown on the face of the badge. The second circle or the middle circle is called the bleed in printing terms because it ensures that the background color goes over the edge of the button. The outer circle is called the cut line as the badge is cut out from the outer circle. It is really important to make the outer circle so that the off-center design does not get cut off from the badge. Once all of these things are in place, the designs should be now ready for printing and cutting.

The next step is to print the design in small quantities or in bulk. Designs can be printed with inkjet or laser printer. The paper material user for printing must be of good quality and needs to be chosen with utmost care. After the design has been printed it is now ready for cutting. There are different ways of cutting out the designs, some of which are graphic punch, adjustable rotator cutter, cutting by hand and the volume cut press.

The most basic and simple way of cutting would be to do it manually by using a pair of scissors or box cutters. An adjustable rotator cutter is good for those looking to do multiple sizes. Graphic punch is also a good option, as it is a lot faster and accurate compared to the other cutting techniques. Volume cutters are the best choice for professional button makers. It is easy to use, can do multiple sizes and cuts through 30 pages of graphics at once.

Now that the designs have been cut out, it is time for the badge-making machine to do the last part. The cut out design, the metal shells and a thin plastic cover all needs to be placed in to the machine and once this is done, the badge is released out from the machine. A pin needs to be attached at the back of the metal shell and the button badge should be ready to be put to use.

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