New Developments in Cosmetic Dentistry Surgeries

Published: 23rd September 2010
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Robots, lasers and cloning are now a part of the new cosmetic dentistry surgeries. Dental sciences are now using these big changes in to do cosmetic dentistry surgeries and providing people a beautiful smile. Fewer sittings, improved results and better techniques are making cosmetic dentistry a more affordable, accessible and desirable treatment for people who are not satisfied by the way their teeth looks. These new developments in dentistry surgeries have made it easier in achieving a glorious smile. Here are a few of the provocative new developments in cosmetic dentistry surgeries.


The use of robotic dentistry has been discussed by industry experts, since a long time. It would it be truly fine if remote dental surgeries could be performed. Till now it was tough to combine robotics into the dental surgeries. For robotic practices and surgeries, patients must undergo common anesthesia. For most dental surgeries, the patients are awake and on local anesthesia. Robotic surgeries required a kind of stillness which cannot be obtained under local anesthesia.

Due to new technological developments, cosmetic dental surgeries are now using robotics. Dental surgeons and patients can advantage from the rapidity and fidelity offered by risk free robotics. The robotics technology has allowed the dentists to accomplish the crown treatments, in just a single sitting. In this procedure, the crown or other renewal materials are created through high-tech computer-aided design, digital imaging techniques, and by the use of robotic arms. Therefore the crown can be created on site with a high level of perfection to fit definitely. This system eliminates taking impressions, provisional crowns and a few visits. This new technology is not yet widely readily obtainable, but it is surely a new category of dentistry surgery.


Scientists are striving their system to re-grow lost teeth. Cloning is a much healthier and simpler variant to dental caps, dentures or dental implants. Just like cloning, this system includes "planting a seed," created from the patients DNA, within a tooth socket to grow a new tooth. So far it has been possible. Researchers only require to actualize how perfectly can this be achieved it in human beings. Studies are happening to create this new category of surgery present for the masses.


Lasers are already in wide use for dentistry surgeries. It is especially used for sculpting the patientís gums. When a patients teeth look to be really small, a gum "lift" surgery is practical. In many of these cases, the teeth are truly not smaller but the patients abundant gum tissue grows over them. Using the laser surgery, the dentist makes the gums smaller so that the correct proportion of teeth is revealed. Due to laser technologies, this gum surgery now needs less bleeding, ache and healing times. Laser gum surgeries are really definite and less invasive as compared to other methods to reshape gums. Unlike normal methods, the use of laser allows the dentists to persuade the gums into a safer situation. As more and more dentists have started using laser, gum reshaping surgeries have become easy and are no longer under the domain of periodontal experts.

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