Polluted Air Ducts Causing Allergic Disease

Published: 12th July 2010
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You are careful about the food you eat.
You are careful about the water you drink.
You are even careful about the clothes you wear and the cologne you spray on.
But are you careful about the air you breathe?

The air outside the house is already polluted and theres little you can do about it. The least you can do is ensure that the air inside is healthy , especially since the Environmental Protection Agency says that indoor air can be 70 times more polluted than the air outside. And one way to do it is to see that all the air ducts are unpolluted and free of dirt, because polluted air ducts are responsible for a massive variety of allergies and other sicknesses.

Dust is an elementary element of our lives, and so is dusting. When dust accumulates on your furnishings , appliances and clothes, you are rapid to away it off. But what happens to dust you cannot see , as in the air ducts of your home ? Over time, these air ducts converge a valuable amount of dust and dirt, enhancing a health hazard that could influence your distinction of lifestyle . The American College of Allergists has reported that around half of all illnesses are are either worsened or actually caused by faulty indoor air quality. hence , befouled air ducts can not one and only aggravate problems like asthma but actually offer grow to health problems you at no time had earlier .

If you own a enterprise , you may be absorbed to besure that unsatisfactory air characteristic has been estimated to price $1 billion in medical costs and $60 billion in employee queasy leave and departed production every year. Some other facts that may lay your attention are:

1 out 6 people who hurt from allergies do so because of the direct relationship to the fungi and bacteria develop in the air duct structure . (Source: Total Health and Better Health Magazines)
IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) litigation has been increasing every year and recent lawsuits own commanded hefty settlements. The onus of providing a harmless working atmosphere lies with the enterprise owner.
soiled ventilation systems and contaminated ducts together contribute 50.9% of all sick building syndrome cases. (Source, Healthy Buildings International)
The outbreak of Legionnaires Disease in the 1970s that resulted in 29 deaths had its origin in dirty air ducts. (Source: American Lung Association)

Some of the possible diseases only can aggravate and/or increase when breathing polluted air are:
Eye irritation
Sinus Congestion
Scratchy Throat
Tightness in chest
Wheezing and hypersensitivity

Moreover, its not only your health (and that of others) you want to be concerned about. Even a short layer of dust, just .042 inch wide , on a heating or cooling coil can cause a 21% reduction in the capability of your approach.An supplementary .042 inch on the fan can effect in halving the effectiveness. Hence , also affecting your savings through expensive medical costs, polluted air ducts can effect in higher power expenses.

The significance of cleaning soiled air ducts being established, you want to understand the suitable approach to achieve the duty. Unfortunately,duct cleaning is not as easy as cleaning walls and washing cars, and requires specialized help. Only they will have the specialized equipment and understanding to do a adequate work .

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