Top 10 Wedding Themes

Published: 06th April 2011
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Selecting a wedding makes the wedding exciting and easy to plan. As your wedding marks the special phase of your life, you would want it to be something special. Selecting a theme will make the event an extraordinary one.

These are ten most popular wedding themes for you to choose from:

1. The Color Theme

The all-white theme is one of the most popular ones. This theme requires you to use only white pieces for decoration. This theme portrays purity, and is very popular among several couples. Alternatively, the all-black theme gives your wedding a gothic look. Both these themes can be selected accordingly as they are very popular.

2. The Formal Theme

This is the safest theme for couples who wish for a timeless look. This is perfect for people who enjoy traditional tastes and are not fond of experiments.

3. The Traditional Theme

There is a stark difference between traditional and formal themes. Traditional themes incorporate ideas using culture, folklores, original customs, etc., a sort of returning to the roots. For instance, if both of you belong to India, you can have a total traditional Indian wedding along with tantalizing Indian music and spicy food.

4. The Hollywood Theme

All those movie fanatic couples can go for this theme. You can choose to dress up like famous movie couples like Jack and Rose of Titanic, etc. If you have some extra money, you may decorate your wedding hall to make it look like the movie set.

5. The Beach Theme

However common this may have become, it is still very popular. If the couple is fond of the sun, sea and sand, the beach theme is perfect for them. There are several variations in the beach theme like the nautical theme, Hawaiian theme, or tropical island theme.

6. The Garden Theme

A garden provides the best ambience and theme for your wedding. Decorate the wedding area with flowers and garlands. You may also incorporate some of these in your wedding dress.

7. The Musical Theme

Music loving couples may go for a musical wedding. Use musical numbers for interpretative dances or the theme song. Having a song for the best man and maid of honor is also an excellent idea.

8. The Fairytale Theme

The fairytale theme is best for all fantasy lovers. Have sheer fabrics, delicate flowers, fairy wings, and long sashes to make up for the best fairytale wedding.

9. The Seasonal Theme

You may have your theme set on the choice of your best season. If you love summer, wear a cool and flowery summer dress for your wedding gown and let your bridesmaids to the same. Get the area decorated with flowers and colors that identify with the season.

10. The Mythological Theme

Several couples are fond of mythology. There are several kinds of mythological stories. For example, if you are fond of Norse mythology, you may ask your guests to dress up as characters from it Odin, Thor, Heimdall, etc. You yourself may take up dresses that identify with the Norse mythology. Have food and music that co-relate with the mythology.

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