What Things You can do to Conserve Energy in Your Home ?

Published: 01st September 2010
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Recently there is a lot of awareness of go green to save environment . Going green does not necessarily involve a huge amount of money or huge alternative resources, even small contributions involving less amount and efforts can make out massive difference and support environment to a great range . Environmental responsibility at particular level can contribute a lot to go green and prevent environment.

Conservation of energy at house is the leading movement towards going green. It not just helps you to save money but also drops demand for fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas and oil. Burning of fossil fuels, results in emission of carbon dioxide and other pollutants, which are the main causes of global warming. Today there are many energy-saving alternatives for every home appliance, offering every individual acceptance and power of using alternate energy sources to conserve power in homes. Slight modifications made to everyday tasks and little efforts at particular level can assist you to cut down annual emissions of pollutants and CO2, prevent energy and money.

There are numerous ways of conserving intensity at house. Below we have discussed few of them.

Home Appliances

Using home appliances in a proper and effective manner can conserve a lot of energy. Setting correct temperature in the refrigerator and freezer can cut down consumption of power to a large extent. Energy saver switches should be turned on, to conserve intensity . Washing clothes in the machine by setting it in cold or warm mode can also save considerable quantity of intensity . Run your dishwasher only when it fully loaded, using energy-saving setting. It is recommendable to air dry both dishes and clothes to save energy. Thermostat of water heaters can be adjusted to a temperature of 120 degrees to save energy. If you are replacing old home appliances with new ones then make positive to purchase just energy-efficient appliances to save energy and money. A solar water heater could be of great help for conserving energy and really offers more value for your money

Heating and Cooling Devices

Do not overheat or overcool rooms. Setting your thermostat a little below the specified temperature can cut down CO2 emissions by a noticeable amount. Clean filters of cooling and heating systems helps them to draw fresh air easily using less extent of energy.

Investments that offer more value for your money

Buying energy-efficient fluorescent and LED lighting in position of regular bulbs and tubes can save a adequate quantity of power. Insulating water heaters, low-flow shower heads for hot water flow and weathering of windows and doors can help you in conserving power.


Using public transport instead of own vehicle for traveling purposes, avoiding own motor vehicles whenever possible, walking and cycling for short distances can also support you to cut down pollutants and CO2 emissions by appreciable amount. Buying a motor vehicle that gives more mileage can also serve you to contribute to atmosphere.

Recycling products

Amount of waste can be reduced by buying products that are minimally packed can cut down CO2 emissions. Choosing recycled and reusable products for a variety of purposes can prohibit depletion of natural resources.

Apart from the above energy-efficient homes where walls, ceiling, doors and windows are properly insulated, using energy-efficient windows, planting trees and painting homes outside with correct color shade can also secure huge amount energy.

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